Model Keperawatan Neonatal (Wanita) 3kg

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Jual Neonatal Nursing Model (female) 3kg

Jual Neonatal Nursing Model (female) 3kg. Neonatal Nursing Model (female) 3kg

Feature Neonatal Nursing Model (female) 3kg

  • The seamless skin is absolutely waterproof
  • Realistically designed anterior and posterior fontanel, sutura coronalis, and sutura sagittalis
  • Holding
  • Bathing, cleaning(eyes, ears, noses)
  • Feeding babe food
  • Changing clothes and diapers
  • Treatment of umbilical cord,observation and treatment after umbilical cord removal
  • Measuring (height, weight, bust, circumference of skull)
  • Skin care, wear spire lamella
  • Thermometry through anus, mouth


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