Phantom Resusitasi Bayi

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Jual Phantom Resusitasi Bayi

Jual Phantom Resusitasi Bayi. Phantom Resusitasi Bayi General Doctor adalah alat peraga kesehatan yang digunakan untuk keperluan baik laboratorium ataupun medis. Phantom Resusitasi Bayi didesain mirip dengan aslinya sehingga sangat baik digunakan. Berikut spesifikasinya

Spesifikasi Phantom Resusitasi Bayi

Feature :

CPR manikin features :

  • Clear anatomic characteristic, realistic touch feeling and lifelike skin color, vivid appearance
  • Simulate vital signs squeeze the rubber ball to simulate brachial artery puls
  • Can perform artificial respiratory, extracardial compression and airway open
  • Operation mode : CPR training, can perform compression and inflation



CPR Screen Functions :

  • Indicators show inflation volume, correct inflation volume 150ml – 200ml
  • When the inflation volume is insufficient, proper or excessive indicators will accordingly be yellow, green or red and aalarm will ring if there are operation mistakes
  • Indicators show compression depth : correct compression depth : 2- 3 cm
  • When the compression depth is insufficient, proper or excessive, indicators will accordingly be yellow, green or red and alarm will ring if there are operation mistakes
  • Operation frequency : 100 times/ min
  • Ratio of compression and artificial respiratory : 30 : 2/single or 15 : 2/ double
  • Operation cycle : after 2 valid inflation, then 5 cycles CPR operation according to the ratio of compression and inflation 30 : 2 OR 15 : 2
  • Power : 220 V; 6V output powder via manostat; or use 4pcs 1# battery for field training


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