Multifunction Nursing and CPR Manikin

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Jual Multifunction Nursing and CPR Manikin

Jual Multifunction Nursing and CPR Manikin. Multifunction Nursing and CPR Manikin

Feature Multifunction Nursing and CPR Manikin

  • This general manikin could be used in CPR training and other nursing skills training .
  • Clear anatomical landmarks, the lifesize ribs, intercostal spaces,costal arch ,left and right
  • lungs ,heart kidney and stomach could be observed .
  • Gastric tube insertion could be practised .The the inserting depth of tube is up to 4555cm .the simulated gastric juice could be draw out,.

CPR Training .

  • Nebulization inhalation therapy .
  • Gastric lavage
  • Male and female genital organ could be interchanged for urrthral catheterization ,
  • The simulated urine could be draw out after successful catheterization.
  • An absebce of resustance could happen in venipucturing process, Phlenotomization and transfusion could be practised as well.
  • Intermuscular injection ,clysis ,ostomy and the postoperative care training could be practised.


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