Model Pelatihan Perut & Palpasi Bersalin

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Jual Maternity Abdominal & Palpation Training Model

Jual Maternity Abdominal & Palpation Training Model.  Maternity Abdominal & Palpation Training Model Model is a gravida torso, lifesize shape, realistic texture

Feature Maternity Abdominal & Palpation Training Model

  • Uterus size and fetus position are adjustable.
  • Standard skeleton structure, pelvic measuring value is very accurate
  • Fetal heart sound is adjustable, fetal heart frequency range is 60200 times/min, the fetal heart sound can be play inside or outside though the speaker
  • Leopold’s 4steps maneuver
  • External pelvic measurement
  • Fetal heart sound auscultation
  • Breast care
  • Allow to be equipped with different lesions to practice breast inspection and palpation (lesions need additional cost)


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