Manekin Pelatihan CPR Setengah Tubuh

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Jual Half-Body CPR Training manikin

Jual Half-Body CPR Training manikin. Half-Body CPR Training manikin

Feature Half-Body CPR Training manikin

Simulating standard airway opening

■External cardiac compression, correct compression depth (≥5cm):

  • correct compression site, yellow light power on;
  • correct compression intensity, green light power on, correct buzzing sound indication
  • excessive compression intensity, red light power on, alarm buzzing sound indication

■Artificial respiration: can judge inflation volume by observing chest rise ( inflation volume standard ≤500ml/600m1000ml≤)

■Operation frequency: at least 100 times per minute, “beep” sound as a symbol

■Operation methods: exercise operation

■Power Supply: battery



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