External Defibrillation & CPR Manikin

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External Defibrillation & CPR Manikin

External Defibrillation & CPR Manikin. External Defibrillation & CPR Manikin

Feature External Defibrillation & CPR Manikin

  • Half body CPR training manikin:
  • Simulating standard airway open:
  • Extra thoracic compression
  • *Buzzer indication for proper compression(>5cm)
  • *Over compression will trigger warning alarm
  • Artificial respiration
  • Insufflated air volume can be judged by observing the fluctuation of chest
  • (volume<500ml/600ml1000ml)
  • Operation frequency: international standed :100 times/min minimum
  • Operation mode: Training


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