Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin

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Jual Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin

Jual Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin. Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin

Feature Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin

  • Simulating the trauma of various parts of the human body, burnt skin is replaceable
  • Simulating the trauma parts’ cleaning, disinfection, hemostasis, enswathement, fixing, moving etc.
  • Simulating the open fracture, fracture treatment on various parts of the human body
  • Facial burn:1,2,3 degree
  • Forehead laceration
  • Jaw laceration
  • Opened clavicular fracture and contusion on the chest wall
  • Abdominal injury with small intestine exposed
  • Opened fracture on the humerus of right upper arm
  • Opened fracture on the right hand, parenchyma laceration
  • Bone tissue exposed
  • Bullet wound on the right palm
  • Opened femur fracture on the right thigh
  • Compound femur fracture on the right thigh
  • Metal pricking wound on the right thigh
  • Closed tibia fracture on the right shank
  • Opened fracture of right foot with right leg toe truncated trauma
  • Burns in left forearm: 1, 2, 3 degree
  • Truncating trauma on left thigh
  • Closed tibia fracture on the right leg and contusion wounds on left ankle and foot.


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