Manikin Pelatihan CPR Lanjutan (dengan monitor)

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Jual Advanced CPR Training Manikin (with monitor)

Jual Advanced CPR Training Manikin (with monitor).  Advanced CPR Training Manikin (with monitor)

Feature Advanced CPR Training Manikin (with monitor)

  • Simulate standard airway opening and sound prompting
  • External chest compression: indicator light display, LCD counter display and sound prompting
  • Indicator light display of correct and incorrect compression position; LCD counter display; sound prompting of incorrect compression.
  • Display of correct (at least 5cm) and wrong (less than 5cm) compression intensity; digital strip indicator light (yellow, green, red) shows compression depth; counter display; sound prompting of incorrect operation
  •  Artificial respiration (Inhalation) indicator light display, LCD counter display and sound prompting:
  • Inhalation is ≤500ml/600ml1000ml≤ strip indicator light shows inhalation volume; counter display of correct and incorrect operations, and sound prompting of incorrect operation.
  • Inhalation too quickly or too much result in air entering into stomach; indicator light display; digital counter display; sound prompting. Ratio of compression and artificial respiration: 30:2 (one or two person)
  • Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of compression and artificial respiration at a ration of 30:2.
  • Operation frequency: at least 100 times per minute
  • Operation methods: exercise operation
  • Operation time: countdown device
  • Sound prompting device: volume control; turning on or off sound prompting device
  • Result printing
  • Examination of pupil response: mydriasis and myosis contrast
  • Examination of carotid response: squeeze air ball manually, simulating carotid artery pulse
  • Working conditions: Adopt 220V AC external power supply or direct current of four 1# batteries, available for fields conditions without external power supply


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